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Thought Process

When we were beginning the develop the in-game store and the player’s inventory, we needed a prototype the Pack Opening Algorithm using a tool that allowed us to change the variables but was robust enough to be used over and over again for the next set of cards. We know it would be a bad idea to create a physical version of the pack opening system because it would be massively time-consuming to use and record results. Since our company was a virtual one, we also needed to make sure every developer, where ever they were, could access the algorithm for testing and that they could see what variables used to make the algorithm so they can be transferred to the engine.  


I discovered as I was working on the script that I could use the sheet to calculate formulas and store variables instead of creating Arrays or  Functions in the script itself. The final calculations could then be pulled from the sheet by the script to determine which card was to be used. Since this was my first time using Google Sheets and Scripts, it was groundbreaking. I could simplify my code and have the sheet do most of the heavy lifting for calculations. It also meant that once the final algorithm and first card release were determined, anyone could change the card names in each column and then be able to test how well the set works in the pack opening. 


Hindsight now tells me that this kind of work could be done in any program using arrays and tables but I feel this method is very useful for testing various other things in a game than just a pack opening. If we were to add more UI elements using Google Drawings, one could test entire user interfaces and combat systems. It is a very useful tool.



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