MDAs: a tool for Game Developers
MDAs: a tool for Game Developers
Visions of Zosimos Project
VoZ Crafting System
VoZ Design: Pack Opening
The Gamification of VoZ
VoZ 2016 Semi Post Mortem
Starting blocks of Success!
Alright so after explaining how what I want to add to the cards and having taken the time to figure it all out, here is the explanation everyone is looking [...]
1st things first and last thing is last!
Hello everyone again, Hope your day is going great. So after playing with Trello for a good hour I have determined how I am going to structure my cards [...]
In the beginning there was nothing, and then it blew up!
Here is the first post to my new blog. I will admit, it isn’t going to be glamours. Most it will be setting up lists, prioritizing them based on subject [...]