About Me

Name: Eldon Dale Kurth
Age: 35 earth years
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 260 lbs
Blood Type: Red…Mostly
From: Earth
Lives: Still on Earth
Combat Style: Drunken Boxing and Cap Wapda
Special Move: Super Ultra Mega Double Yahtzee!

Meet Eldon Kurth. He’s a Game Designer, Product Owner, and Producer from everyone’s favorite beer and cheese state, Wisconsin. Video Games have been a part of his life ever since his parents bought him a Nintendo Entertainment System to help improve his hand-eye coordination and him busy. He has been on many virtual adventures and tackled many challenges since then, but by far his favorite will always be The Legend of Zelda.

Eldon believes that games have a unique ability to help people with a various number of problems and can be used as a tool to create an infinite amount of teaching moments. Games can present unique challenges to help the player to learn greater critical thinking skills, gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and the around us. Though these can be achieved through game mechanics Eldon’s favorite current method is narrative. He chipped his teeth on game development and narrative construction by playing games like Dungeons and Dragons and Shadowrun. As games continue to evolve these abilities, Eldon hopes to become a driving force towards making the world a better place through the mechanics and stories he can tell.