Starting blocks of Success!

May 10, 2017 - Agile Management, Blog

Alright so after explaining how what I want to add to the cards and having taken the time to figure it all out, here is the explanation everyone is looking forward to. What does his cards look like. Well here you go, labeled and everything.

And here is everything labeled

Here is my breakdown

A. This is the Agile Estimate that I made for each task, Trello inherently does not have a scrum or agile estimation system built into it so I had to hunt one down and install it. Now I just put a number between two () and it records as well as adds that number and shows it at the top of the board column like so:


Now you for sure noticed the Estimated points and the Consumed points bars here, I could use that to enter my data but only to the values shown so in some cases I will need to enter in manually. Also Estimated points are the Agile Estimate while the Consumed Points I am going to use for Business Value. Yes I could change the names there and values BUT that costs money atm and I am not sure I want or need to spend it on this.

B. Next is the name of the card…enough said

C. This is the same as A but for Business Value. Instead of ( ) I need to use [ ] but some function.

D. Here are my labels section depicting my MSCW and my Kano Analysis. Thankfully the there are enough Default colors and patterns I can use to display all 8 different labels I need. Just need to remember what they all mean…Speaking of which, here is what they all mean.

E. Since I want to get things done in a timely manner I do need to set deadlines for myself. Thankfully Trello has a deadline feature built in, whereas I get closer to the deadline it changes from a gray color to an orange and if I miss the deadline it turns the blood red of rage and hate that spawns from almighty office gods!!!!! RAWR!!! As you can see, this particular card is due at midnight tonight so I better finish up so 😛

F. Finally here is the Acceptance Criteria, it’s simply using the the checklist feature here, just renamed it and but my definition of done in there.

So there you go the complete run down of the card. My next task is to create the Backlog of tasks I need to do to launch my portfolio site so look forward to that blog post soon.